Uinta Stillwater Rooftop TentXXX Uinta Stillwater Rooftop Tent

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Price: $1,750.00

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Uinta Stillwater Rooftop Tent

Overlanding Offroad LLC - Uinta Stillwater Rooftop Tent

The Uinta Stillwater Rooftop Tent is ready for any adventure with room to spare. Sleeping comfortabley 3-4 people, this tent will stand up to any weather and is perfect for 4x4 trailers and off-road rigs.

Single Unit Specifications

  • 3-4 man sleeping area
  • Packed size: 5’8 W X4 x12 H
  • Floor Dimensions: 5’8” W X 8’ L
  • Weight 148 lbs.
  • Light Aluminum frame with a fiberglass bottom
  • 2 1/2 mattress
  • Extended over hang
  • Zippers all the way around - no velcro
  • Thick 2.5” wall-to-wall mattress
  • Rain Fly with strong aluminum poles for support
  • Adjustable Aluminum ladder
  • Heavy duty, water/UV proof, travel cover with reinforced straps
  • Cover roll up straps for when tent is open
  • All necessary tools for to install on brackets


A strong and secure roof rack is required to safely carry a rooftop tent. Not all vehicles or roof racks are built strong enough to withstand the load of a rooftop tent. We do not warranty if the rack is not built strong enough to withstand the load of a rooftop tent.